Nearly twenty years after the Marshall Plan rebuilt a Germany in ruins, John F. Kennedy’s statement resonated across the Atlantic as a reminder of the very deep historic bonds shared by the United States and Germany.  Friends of Freie Universität Berlin has set itself as the catalyst in rekindling the transatlantic link by reaching out to the Freie Universität Berlin’s alumni residing in the United States.

Indeed there have been and continue to exist numerous programs between the two countries, but the establishment of Friends of Freie Universität Berlin is revolutionary in so far that its mission has the wide-ranging agenda to bridge the socio-cultural divide in support of global initiatives in the scientific, political, and educational fields.  To this end, the organization is committed to bring the same American support and recognition to the Freie Universität’s vision for its future as did nearly half a century ago those who espoused the hopes and dreams of a nascent free thinking and politically unencumbered educational system.

FFUB is committed to serving as a liaison between alumni located in America and the University in Berlin by encouraging information exchange in various fields through specially organized events in the U.S. and Germany. Seeking philanthropic backing, the organization is also active in bringing together segments of the academic, political and corporate world in support of the University’s ongoing research programs which focus on current issues of global concern, such as environmental sustainability, global governance and the eradication of infectious diseases.

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