Img84The Friends of Freie Universitaet of Berlin is located in German House at 871 United Nations Plaza.  This area of Manhattan boasts not only the headquarters of the United Nations, but also member institutions of the UN and permanent missions of member countries to the UN.  FFUB is situated amidst the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations and the Consulate of Germany to the United States.

The FFUB is engaged in providing support and backing for the University’s longstanding pursuit of freedom in intellectual expression, academic excellence and pioneering breakthrough research, carried out by the Freie Universität overall. 

The establishment of the FFUB represents a vanguard in leadership, as the FU Berlin ranks among the first German University endeavoring to build strong links not only between its American and European alumni, but alumni around the world.

Relying on its past and continued partnership with the United States of America, the Freie Universität is a principal example of transatlantic relations between the two countries, both committed and dedicated to the ideals of education and the promotion of freethinking and knowledge.  Most recently, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Daniel R. Coats addressed this relationship on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of President Kennedy’s visit to Berlin. Click here to read his remarks at the FU Berlin commemorating the occasion.

This dynamic and historical relationship with the United States of America continues to accompany the Freie Universität into the 21st Century.  Friends of Freie Universitaet Berlin is committed to help further this relationship in the decades to come.  Now, more than ever, it is critical for democratic countries of the world to educate youth with a solid understanding of our increasing connectedness and global capacity for partnership.

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