Benjamin Franklin Medical School

Img10.jpgThe Benjamin Franklin Medical School is the largest department at FU Berlin, divided in 32 different scientific facilities conducting research and education from Pre-Clinic to Dentistry. The School received its name from an historic partnership with the German-American Benjamin Franklin Foundation that made possible the establishment of the clinic in Berlin through a significant financial contribution.

In both health-care provision and research, four areas of specializations shape the School: Cardiology and Circulatory Diseases, Tumor Medicine, Inflammatory Diseases and Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology. Contributions are the most important form of external support for the Medical School as FU’s Department of Human Medicine is the only curriculum nationwide that offers students four-month intensive training parallel to their regular studies that encompass the knowledge and capabilities expected of leading experts in the areas of biomedical research, practical medicine, health-administration, and medical-related enterprises.

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