Dahlem Conference

Img3Serving the international scientific community through the promotion
of interdisciplinary research and communication.

Named after a district of Berlin historically known for its outstanding scientific tradition, the Dahlem Konferenzen is a series of meetings devoted to the promotion of interdisciplinary communication among top researchers in the scientific community.  Established in 1971, its formative years evolved in response to the needs of science.  Guided by an international scientific advisory board, the initial five-year project became so anchored within the international scientific community; it was recognized as an indispensable tool for the advancement of research. Thus, leading to its integration into the Freie Universität Berlin in 1990.

Over 90 Dahlem Workshops have been held, serving more than 4,000 scientists.  Each Workshop is a form of intellectual retreat by alleviating external stresses that stifle creativity or limit perspectives.  Dahlem provides top-ranking experts an opportunity to critically analyze topics of crucial interest – topics that must be approached in an interdisciplinary manner.

The overall goal of any Dahlem Workshop is not necessarily to reach a consensus, but rather to identify gaps in knowledge, to find new ways of approaching controversial issues, and to define priorities for future research.  To complete its mission to the scientific community, Dahlem Konferenzen disseminates the ideas and perspectives from each workshop for further consideration and implementation in the form of a workshop report.  Each volume contains revised background papers and group reports that highlight the perspectives, controversies, gaps in knowledge and proposed future research directions.


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