Fund the University Library

The library system at the Freie Universität consists of a central University Library and a series of departmental libraries, housed in the various institutes or departments which offer subject related publications. The University Library, as the central publications holding body, has over two million volumes. Here, literature from all fields, general and subject-area bibliographies and interdisciplinary literature has been collected, as well as reference works of all sorts. With its research facilities, the University Library is the main information center of the Freie Universität.

At this time the Universitätsbibliothek seeks five (5) year funding for:

* American History and Life – bibliographic research for historians

ABC-CLIO, publisher, offered a 40% discount for unlimited Web access

(cost for 1 year = US $5,209)

* Periodical Contents Index (PCI) – comprehensive periodicals database

Proquest, publisher

* JSTOR archive : Arts & Sciences I/II Collection and Language & Literature

JSTOR, publisher, offers access to digitized back issues

* Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings (ISSHP)

the database is currently licensed at the FU Berlin as a CD-ROM. The University Library would like to replace it by the on-line version via Web of Knowledge.

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